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Whether you’re just starting the process of probate or want to contest a will, an Ellis County probate attorney is here to advocate for you. With a history of taking on various multimillion-dollar estate cases, Keith Morris Attorney at Law isn’t going to shy away from any fight. He knows what it means to advocate for beneficiaries who are being shorted on the inheritance of property and assets. With decades of legal experience to help guide you through the probate process, he will be sure to honestly inform you of what’s in your best interest.

The best part? He offers a no-cost consultation. His legal team will be happy to talk you through the best way to attack your probate.

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The Texas Probate Process

Probate can differ by state, therefore it’s important to understand how your state’s laws and regulations apply to your probate circumstance. In Texas, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the process of probate. Let’s examine three items that are unique to Texas when it comes to probate:

  • The Texas Small Estate Affidavit – when a loved one passes away and does not leave behind a will, it’s tough to really understand what your next best move should be. In this case, if a loved one’s estate is less than $50,000 in value, the beneficiaries can file for a small estate affidavit. Not only does this allow the parties involved to expedite the probate process, but it also makes the entire legal proceeding very inexpensive.
  • Determining the Right Beneficiaries – without a will to dictate the distribution of property and assets, it can be a tough task to determine which beneficiaries receive certain assets. In Texas, intestacy law demands that any person looking to claim the property of an estate without a will must initiate the process through a court of law. This is done by either court application or legal representation. In most cases, legal representation is the better choice due to the number of assets and property that must be dealt with.
  • Unrecognized Assets – in Texas, not every asset is considered a probate asset. When a descendant places money in different accounts, it is usually drawn out whether they need a beneficiary. A complete list of these non-probate assets can be found here. It should be noted however that this list differs from accounts that hold debt. These types of accounts are a separate matter and should be treated accordingly.

Can I Represent Myself During a Probate?

Yes, but it is not recommended unless you’re the only possible heir and you’re dealing with a relatively low-profile estate. Having an attorney on your side not only makes the process a lot more efficient, it also increases your chances of having successful probate (results that fall in your best interest). Keith Morris Attorney at Law strives to give his clients tailored results. As an Ellis County probate attorney, he has a history of aggressive litigation that concludes with clients obtaining their justified property and assets. For more information on probate as it pertains to Ellis County, be sure to contact him today!

Success that Speaks for Itself

Case Results
  • Multi-Million Dollar Estate Case Six-Figure Settlement Reached

    Obtained six-figure settlement after jury was seated for adopted child in multi-million dollar estate case after adoption was disputed.

  • Evidentiary Hearing Hearing Won

    Won lengthy evidentiary hearing to prove client was not in contempt of court to avoid sanction or jail time.

  • Multi-Million Dollar International Estate Settlement Reached

    Successfully negotiated settlement between surviving spouse and foreign advisers in multi-million dollar international estate.

  • Estate Administration & Division of Assets Dispute Resolved

    Resolved highly contentious ongoing dispute over father’s estate and division of assets between son and daughter.

  • Probate Case Successful Verdict

    Obtained verdict for daughter that reunited with her father after being estranged and offered will for probate but was contested by her sister.

  • Estate Administration Case Dispute Resolved

    Successfully resolved case between two siblings fighting over cash and personal property of their father.

  • Multi-Million Dollar Trust Dispute Won Summary Judgment

    Won summary judgment for prominent South Texas family in multi-million-dollar trust dispute over real property.

  • Guardianship Case Case Won

    Won trial to exclude wife to serve as guardian of gentleman she married that was at least twice her age.

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