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Texas Probate Litigation and Intestacy Lawyers

When you need an experienced attorney to help you challenge a will or trust in probate, get in touch with Attorney Keith Morris today. Call (713) 636-5339 in Houston and (817) 442-2048 in Fort Worth or submit an online contact form today to get started.

    "Keith and his team were fantastic."

    Keith and his team were fantastic. We had heard horror stories of the probate process but our experience was fast and ...

    - Thomas M.
    "Thank you, Keith, I truly appreciate you."

    He researched my problem, consulted another expert just for a second opinion, and responded to me with the answers I needed. He is a SUPER PERSON.

    - Kathie
    "He was responsive and found the right resources for us."

    He helped my family navigate a unique probate and trust process right at the end of the year.

    - Previous Client
    "He is aggressive in court room while remaining respectful and compassionate to other lawyers and his clients."

    Keith is one of the finest and technically proficient lawyers I have ever met.

    - Jennifer
    "Whenever I had a question or concern, all I had to do was call or email Keith."

    Keith is very professional and was able to settle my family dispute.

    - Susan
    "Keith handled our case with both dignity and professionalism that is always needed in a disputed guardianship case."

    Keith would be the one attorney I hope I never set on the opposite side of the table against.

    - Bruce
    "Compassionate, no-nonsense, and fair."

    Mr. Morris represented me in a complicated and nasty probate matter. I am a paralegal and must say that Mr. Morris is in the top .5 of the 1% of excellent lawyers.

    - Jennifer L.
    "Made everything very easy."

    Keith was easy to reach and had a lot of knowledge about estate planning. He helped me and my family with our wills and helped set up trusts for my kids.

    - Oda

Texas Probate Litigation and Intestacy Lawyers

Probate litigation and intestacy often go hand in hand. A qualified Texas attorney can help you challenge a will or trust, so that the rightful beneficiaries obtain the decedent’s assets. With Keith Morris Attorney at Law, you will find a skilled and experienced attorney that is ready to assist you with your probate litigation and intestacy cases.

Overview of Probate Litigation and Intestacy

A single individual or multiple parties can contest a will. Probate litigation often occurs due to a suspicion of an invalid instrument or trust, undue influence, mental defect, forgery or fraud, no-contest clauses, disqualification, property characterization and the administration of the estate, among many other 

In Texas intestacy refers to a decedent that died without a will in place. As a result, the state determines how the property is distributed among varying levels of heirs. In certain cases, a beneficiary may not receive their fair share or nothing at all. A lawyer can assist you in attempting to obtain a just allocation based on your relationship with the decedent.


In most cases, disputes are based on estate assets not passing to the appropriate parties. However, probate litigation and intestacy can also relate to improper distributions, a failure to make distributions, or misappropriation of funds.

Through the help of a knowledgeable attorney like Keith Morris, your case will be given the attention it deserves. A skilled and experienced lawyer will make every attempt to resolve your dispute amicably. Upholding the wishes of your deceased family member are a top priority and your lawyer will do everything they can to get you proper restitution.

Advantages of Professional Legal Help

Attorney Morris will take the time to explain the rules of succession that relate to Texas intestacy and heirship. They will evaluate the facts of your case and provide you with sound legal advice and guidance. In court, your attorney will fight for your rights, as well as your position aggressively. With a successful case, you may be able to receive the personal or real property that you deserve.

To discuss your Texas probate litigation issue, please call a probate attorneys at (713) 636-5339 in Houston and (817) 442-2048 in Fort Worth or submit an online form today.

Success that Speaks for Itself

Case Results
  • Dispute Resolved Estate Administration & Division of Assets

    Resolved highly contentious ongoing dispute over father’s estate and division of assets between son and daughter.

  • Dispute Resolved Estate Administration Case

    Successfully resolved case between two siblings fighting over cash and personal property of their father.

  • Hearing Won Evidentiary Hearing

    Won lengthy evidentiary hearing to prove client was not in contempt of court to avoid sanction or jail time.

  • Case Won Guardianship Case

    Won trial to exclude wife to serve as guardian of gentleman she married that was at least twice her age.

  • Six-Figure Settlement Reached Multi-Million Dollar Estate Case

    Obtained six-figure settlement after jury was seated for adopted child in multi-million dollar estate case after adoption was disputed.

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    If you call Keith Morris, he will personally pick up the phone and handle your case with the attention it deserves.
  • Free Consultations
    Your first free case evaluation with us can be done through video conference, phone call, or an in-person meeting.
  • Aggressive Litigator
    Keith Morris is proud to be the litigator that takes on the most complicated and difficult cases to court and getting his clients optimal results.
  • Extensive Experience
    With over 20 years of legal experience, Keith Morris has devoted his efforts to sharpening his skills in probate, trust, and estate planning and litigation.
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