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Keith Morris, a partner of The Blum Firm, is an aggressive litigator who fights to protect those who are unable to defend themselves. Reach out today to discuss your case.

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Keith Morris Attorney at Law is a Houston-based firm serving individuals and businesses throughout Texas with high-performance counsel. Our Texas lawyers work towards real world results that are designed to meet your unique circumstances and objectives. Our legal staff offers individualized representation as we work closely with you to ensure you understand every aspect of your legal situation and what your options are.

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We dedicate the necessary time and attention throughout all phases of your situation to see that your needs are fully met in estate planning, probate administration, fiduciary litigation, and guardianships.

  • Keith was easy to reach and had a lot of knowledge about estate planning. He helped me and my family with our wills and helped set up trusts for my kids.

    - Oda
  • Keith proved to have just the level of aggressiveness I was looking for in a lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and carries through with what he says he will do in a timely manner.

    - Michael
  • Keith is one of the finest and technically proficient lawyers I have ever met.

    - Jennifer
  • He researched my problem, consulted another expert just for a second opinion, and responded to me with the answers I needed. He is a SUPER PERSON.

    - Kathie
  • Keith Morris is a great lawyer and was fast, personable, and a good rate for a probate lawyer in Houston.

    - Guy B.

Success that Speaks for Itself

Case Results
  • Estate Administration Case Dispute Resolved

    Successfully resolved case between two siblings fighting over cash and personal property of their father.

  • Probate Case Successful Verdict

    Obtained verdict for daughter that reunited with her father after being estranged and offered will for probate but was contested by her sister.

  • Multi-Million Dollar Estate Case Six-Figure Settlement Reached

    Obtained six-figure settlement after jury was seated for adopted child in multi-million dollar estate case after adoption was disputed.

  • Evidentiary Hearing Hearing Won

    Won lengthy evidentiary hearing to prove client was not in contempt of court to avoid sanction or jail time.

  • Multi-Million Dollar International Estate Settlement Reached

    Successfully negotiated settlement between surviving spouse and foreign advisers in multi-million dollar international estate.

  • Multi-Million Dollar Trust Dispute Won Summary Judgment

    Won summary judgment for prominent South Texas family in multi-million-dollar trust dispute over real property.

  • Estate Administration & Division of Assets Dispute Resolved

    Resolved highly contentious ongoing dispute over father’s estate and division of assets between son and daughter.

  • Guardianship Case Case Won

    Won trial to exclude wife to serve as guardian of gentleman she married that was at least twice her age.

  • Keith  Morris Photo
    Keith Morris

    Attorney at Law

    Mr. Morris is a partner at The Blum Firm and has devoted himself to the practice discipline of probate since the start of his education. Mr. Morris is focused on consumer and commercial litigation, probate, guardianship and estates, probate and fiduciary litigation, bankruptcy litigation and other general litigation. Mr. Morris represents people, small businesses, and corporations in litigation matters and has tried numerous cases to verdict. He has also been hired by Harris County and many ...

Why Choose Keith Morris, Attorney at Law?

Probate Administration & Litigation

Have you lost a loved one and need to settle his or her estate? Do you need the estate administered correctly? Are you concerned that someone may be taking advantage of your relative’s death? Are you concerned about ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are honored?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, our Texas law firm can help. We can assist you with questions related to inheritance law, will contests, guardianships, property rights, will forms, conservatorships, codicils, intestacy, and more. When you need a probate lawyer in Texas, call Keith Morris Attorney at Law today.

Commercial & Fiduciary Litigation

A wide range of legal problems can arise in business transactions and fiduciary relationships. While the types of disputes can vary, one element remains the same – having an attorney who can untangle the legal mess is vital to a successful outcome.

Most commercial and fiduciary litigation is resolved before the issue reaches a trial so having an attorney who is skilled at the negotiation table as well as in a courtroom is vital. From breach of business contract to breach of fiduciary duty by a trustee, our firm will dedicate the time and resources needed to see you through your legal issues.

Estate Planning & Litigation

Estate planning involves using legal methods to ensure that your assets and property are passed on according to your wishes. It involves wills, trusts, and other legal instruments to accomplish that task and to make other arrangements, such as the type of medical care you wish to receive or not receive should you become incapacitated. Where disputes occur trust administration can lead to negotiation and litigation over various issues from breach of fiduciary duty to removing a trustee and more. Our firm is thoroughly versed in all of the issues that can arise and taking the appropriate legal measures to fully resolve them.

  • Extensive Experience

    With over 20 years of legal experience, Keith Morris has devoted his efforts to sharpening his skills in probate, trust, and estate planning and litigation.

  • Aggressive Litigator

    Keith Morris is proud to be the litigator that takes on the most complicated and difficult cases to court and getting his clients optimal results.

  • Free Consultations

    Your first free case evaluation with us can be done through video conference, phone call, or an in-person meeting.

  • Personalized Attention

    If you call Keith Morris, he will personally pick up the phone and handle your case with the attention it deserves.

Highly Qualified & Skilled Legal Service

At Keith Morris Attorney at Law, we are proud to bring top qualifications to our clients in the legal matters that confront them. Those qualifications include a Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers 2021. This rating is a significant accomplishment reflecting the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards according to one’s peers. We have also received a perfect 10.0 rating by Avvo as well as a Clients’ Choice Award and have been named a Distinguished Justice Advocate which is awarded to the top one percent of lawyers in America.

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Our Houston and Fort Worth lawyer works from the start to prepare your case for trial as opposed to quick, unsatisfactory settlements. That means your case is primed for any eventuality and has been thoroughly researched. Because we focus on a relatively few legal practice areas, we can handle even the most complicated and difficult of legal situations. We are always ready to take on even the most challenging cases in court and can apply aggressive litigation skills to resolve them.

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