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The Importance Of Having A Will


Have you taken steps to ensure that your heirs receive their intended shares of your estate? How can you protect their rights to these properties? Safeguard their inheritance rights by drafting a Will. Making this legal document is one of the most important acts that a person should do to preserve and pass his estate to the intended beneficiaries. And what better way to ensure your will has legal effect than to take advantage of the services of an experienced and trusted Houston Will attorney.

Writing a Will is an important duty for every person who owns the property. Only a few may realize that this legal document has powerful effects in that it allows property, rights, and obligations to be transferred in accordance with the decedent’s wishes at the point of death. Without a Will, the court will follow the rules of intestate succession.

The downside in intestate succession is that family members or relatives often quarrel over the possession of certain properties belonging to the estate. Here, rights over these individual properties have not yet been determined. As a result, family members resort to arduous legal processes to resolve questions as to rights and ownership over these properties. And more often, the decedent’s heirs don’t receive their intended shares.

By drafting a Will, all these problems can be avoided. Not only will this legal document protect the intended beneficiaries’ rights, but it also prevents others from taking part in the distribution of the estate.

How Should I Prepare a Will?

Before preparing a Will, you should consult an experienced Houston Will attorney. Most people don’t have the knowledge necessary to draft a valid Will in accordance with Texas probate laws, and it is only through a valid Will that the decedent’s wishes will be enforced by the courts.

In addition, Texas probate laws allow amendments or alterations to the Will through the execution of a codicil. Discuss this option with a Houston Will attorney to make sure this document will hold water in court.

Executing a Will or testament is an important act that will also benefit your minor children. It will ensure their rights over your estate without the hassle of going through legal battles, as well as ensure that they are placed in the care of a guardian of your choice. Consult an attorney regarding trusts and guardianships for your minor children.

More questions about creating Wills in Texas? Talk to an experienced Houston probate attorney today and schedule a consultation.