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What Assistance Can A Houston Estate Planning Attorney Provide?


Is estate planning essential? When we are young, we do not think of such things as estate planning. More often than not, we think that we have all the time in the world to take care of matters like drafting a will. It’s hard to think about the possibility of an accident or sudden illness. But, not doing so leaves your family vulnerable if tragedy should strike. Houston estate planning attorneys help clients with these matters every day.

When tragedy strikes unexpectedly, your property — whether it be real estate, bank accounts, personal belongings, etc., must be handled legally. If there is no valid will to prove to a Texas probate court how you wanted your assets divided, it can be a battle for your family. Lawsuits between families in the probate process are more common than we’d like. A qualified Houston estate planning attorney can help avoid this situation for your loved ones.

Deciding On Dividing Property: A Houston estate planning attorney can assist you in making decisions regarding the division of your properties. You need to disclose to him all properties and other assets that you own.

Incapacity: In the event of your incapacity due to illness or an injury, the last thing you and your loved ones should be worrying about is how your property and assets will be handled. Your lawyer will help make arrangements as to who will be managing your estate should this day come. This is crucial because there are unfortunately unprincipled people who will take advantage of this situation.

Appointing Guardians: One of the biggest reasons to talk to a Houston estate planning attorney is making legal arrangements for the care of minor children in the event of an accident or incapacitating injury. Ensuring that they are cared for by the guardian of your choosing and that their inheritance is well managed, is something that an attorney can assist you with.

Estate planning attorneys help clients plan for the future. Contact Keith Morris today and let an experienced Houston probate attorney guide you through the estate planning process.