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    "Ryan & Keith genuinely care about their clients."

    Ryan McCreay genuinely cares about his clients. He patiently outlined the timeline in obtaining this overage, along with ...

    - Gerard P.
    "Ryan and team were very professional and empathetic regarding probating my sister's estate."

    They were caring and kind all the way through the process. I highly recommend them to anyone entitled to claim leftover funds from foreclosure or who need to probate an estate for a loved one. Here is a picture of myself and my lovely sister, Karen!

    - Shirley H.
    "After my Mom passed away and her house was foreclosed on, Ryan of Conscious Dealz helped me get the excess funds from the foreclosure."

    He told me the amount I would receive at the beginning of the process. He also told me that I would never have to step inside of a court room, which I didn't want to due to the complex challenges of probate court. Ryan and his team worked very hard for me.

    - AJ J.
    "Keith and his team were fantastic."

    Keith and his team were fantastic. We had heard horror stories of the probate process but our experience was fast and ...

    - Thomas M.
    "Thank you, Keith, I truly appreciate you."

    He researched my problem, consulted another expert just for a second opinion, and responded to me with the answers I needed. He is a SUPER PERSON.

    - Kathie
    "He was responsive and found the right resources for us."

    He helped my family navigate a unique probate and trust process right at the end of the year.

    - Previous Client
    "He is aggressive in court room while remaining respectful and compassionate to other lawyers and his clients."

    Keith is one of the finest and technically proficient lawyers I have ever met.

    - Jennifer
    "Whenever I had a question or concern, all I had to do was call or email Keith."

    Keith is very professional and was able to settle my family dispute.

    - Susan

Brooks County Probate Attorney

What Functions Does A Brooks County Probate Attorney Perform?

A Brooks County Probate attorney can be an excellent source of information and assistance when a loved one dies. The Texas probate process requires specific steps in the resolving of an estate, even if a will is in place, that can be confusing to those without experience in the system. If the estate is in dispute, the probate process will become even more complicated. A person, even the client, might contest the will, or believe that the executor of the estate isn’t performing his or her duties properly or that the beneficiaries and inheritors in the person’s will have no standing. A Brooks County probate attorney will be able to advise and represent you in these matters. A probate lawyer can also help with estate planning and setting up a power of attorney before death. This is important because it might help the client avoid probate after the decedent’s death.

Services Of A Probate Lawyer in Brooks County

In the Texas probate procedure, the beneficiaries will need to fill out an application to have the decedent’s will probated. He or she will have to attend court, present the will to the court, have notice of the decedent’s death published, send letters to his or her creditors, send notices to the beneficiaries and have the decedent’s assets appraised and inventoried. These are the required steps even when the Last Will and Testament is present and uncontested. A Brooks County probate attorney will be able to handle these tasks on behalf of beneficiaries, thus removing some of the stress and confusion after the death of a loved one.

When there is no will, or a will is contested, a Brooks County probate attorney’s services are even more important. There are several grounds for a client to contest a will. He or she may believe the will has been forged or the decedent was pressured into signing or making changes to the will when they were not capable of thinking rationally. The will might seem to have been badly drawn up or have clauses that are unclear or contradictory. Certain valuable assets may seem to have been left out of the will. The Brooks County Probate attorney can investigate these charges and argue on behalf of the beneficiaries in probate court for an equitable resolution of the estate.

Brooks County probate attorney, Keith Morris & Stacy Kelly, Attorneys at Law, has many years of experience in the successful defense of clients’ rights when it comes to a loved one’s estate. Call (713) 636-5339 in Houston and (817) 442-2048 in Fort Worth for assistance in your probate matter.

Our firm provides services to clients throughout Brooks County including the cities of Falfurrias, Airport Road Addition, Cantu Addition, Encino, Flowella, and Rachal.

Success that Speaks for Itself

Case Results
  • Hearing Won Evidentiary Hearing

    Won lengthy evidentiary hearing to prove client was not in contempt of court to avoid sanction or jail time.

  • Dispute Resolved Estate Administration Case

    Successfully resolved case between two siblings fighting over cash and personal property of their father.

  • Settlement Reached Multi-Million Dollar International Estate

    Successfully negotiated settlement between surviving spouse and foreign advisers in multi-million dollar international estate.

  • Dispute Resolved Estate Administration & Division of Assets

    Resolved highly contentious ongoing dispute over father’s estate and division of assets between son and daughter.

  • Won Summary Judgment Multi-Million Dollar Trust Dispute

    Won summary judgment for prominent South Texas family in multi-million-dollar trust dispute over real property.

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