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    "Ryan & Keith genuinely care about their clients."

    Ryan McCreay genuinely cares about his clients. He patiently outlined the timeline in obtaining this overage, along with ...

    - Gerard P.
    "Ryan and team were very professional and empathetic regarding probating my sister's estate."

    They were caring and kind all the way through the process. I highly recommend them to anyone entitled to claim leftover funds from foreclosure or who need to probate an estate for a loved one. Here is a picture of myself and my lovely sister, Karen!

    - Shirley H.
    "After my Mom passed away and her house was foreclosed on, Ryan of Conscious Dealz helped me get the excess funds from the foreclosure."

    He told me the amount I would receive at the beginning of the process. He also told me that I would never have to step inside of a court room, which I didn't want to due to the complex challenges of probate court. Ryan and his team worked very hard for me.

    - AJ J.
    "Keith and his team were fantastic."

    Keith and his team were fantastic. We had heard horror stories of the probate process but our experience was fast and ...

    - Thomas M.
    "Thank you, Keith, I truly appreciate you."

    He researched my problem, consulted another expert just for a second opinion, and responded to me with the answers I needed. He is a SUPER PERSON.

    - Kathie
    "He was responsive and found the right resources for us."

    He helped my family navigate a unique probate and trust process right at the end of the year.

    - Previous Client
    "He is aggressive in court room while remaining respectful and compassionate to other lawyers and his clients."

    Keith is one of the finest and technically proficient lawyers I have ever met.

    - Jennifer
    "Whenever I had a question or concern, all I had to do was call or email Keith."

    Keith is very professional and was able to settle my family dispute.

    - Susan

Blanco County Probate Attorney

How Can a Blanco County Probate Attorney Help Me?

When a loved one dies, the last thing anyone wants to think about are legal issues. A Blanco County probate attorney can help make this time easier by providing advice and legal assistance during the probate process. Probate is the process by which the decedent’s debts and assets are resolved. The process is overseen by a Texas probate court. A Blanco County probate attorney is trained, specifically, to deal with the ins-and-outs of wills and the dividing of assets, as well as other areas involving property rights and inheritance law.

Probate Attorney: Services, Specialties and Legal Expertise

A Blanco County probate attorney can serve clients with a variety of needs. First and foremost, probate attorney can help legally draw up a Last Will and Testament. This document is legally binding and outlines the way in which the assets of the departed will be divided among heirs and family members. For example, in some situations, a person will wish to will their real estate to one individual and their monetary accounts to another; a Blanco County probate attorney can ensure those wishes are known and that the paperwork is legally binding.

A Blanco County probate attorney can help clients in a variety of other ways; for example, a probate attorney can be employed by an individual who believes a Will should be deemed invalid. This situation may occur for a multitude of reasons, but one common example is if a person was not of sound mind and body when the Will was drawn up. When there is no Will on record, a probate lawyer can help argue before the court on how assets should be divided. A probate lawyer can be of assistance in matters involving guardianships, conservatorships, property rights, estate taxes (federal and state) and more.

When it comes to resolving a loved one’s estate, there are many steps that must be taken. Some of these steps include:

  • Providing proof of death to the court.
  • Inventorying and appraising assets.
  • Notifying creditors of the death.
  • Filing paperwork with the court.
  • Attending mandatory court appearances.

A Blanco County probate attorney will be able to perform these tasks on behalf of the beneficiaries, which can be a great relief during the period of grief following a loved one’s death.

While resolving the estate in a peaceful, equitable way is always the goal, Blanco County probate attorney, Keith Morris & Stacy Kelly, Attorneys at Law, knows this isn’t always possible. Call (713) 636-5339 in Houston and (817) 442-2048 in Fort Worth today for a consultation with our attorneys, who have a proven record of working tirelessly to represent our clients and ensuring that the decedent’s final wishes are honored.

Our firm provides services to clients throughout Blanco County including the cities of Blanco, Johnson City, and Round Mountain.

Success that Speaks for Itself

Case Results
  • Dispute Resolved Estate Administration & Division of Assets

    Resolved highly contentious ongoing dispute over father’s estate and division of assets between son and daughter.

  • Dispute Resolved Estate Administration Case

    Successfully resolved case between two siblings fighting over cash and personal property of their father.

  • Hearing Won Evidentiary Hearing

    Won lengthy evidentiary hearing to prove client was not in contempt of court to avoid sanction or jail time.

  • Case Won Guardianship Case

    Won trial to exclude wife to serve as guardian of gentleman she married that was at least twice her age.

  • Six-Figure Settlement Reached Multi-Million Dollar Estate Case

    Obtained six-figure settlement after jury was seated for adopted child in multi-million dollar estate case after adoption was disputed.

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  • Extensive Experience

    With over 40+ years of combined legal experience, Keith Morris & Stacy Kelly devoted their efforts to sharpening their skills in probate, trust, and estate planning and litigation.

  • Aggressive Litigators

    Keith Morris & Stacy Kelly are proud to be the litigators that takes on the most complicated and difficult cases to court and getting their clients optimal results.

  • Free Consultations
    Your first free case evaluation with us can be done through video conference, phone call, or an in-person meeting.
  • Personalized Attention

    If you call our firm, we will personally pick up the phone and handle your case with the attention it deserves.

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