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The Importance of Texas Probate Judge Elections

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Voters across the nation will be heading out to the polls on Nov. 4. In Harris County and across Texas, one of the candidates you’ll be asked to select is the position of Probate Court Judge.

probate attorney in Houston know that many voters are unaware of the importance of probate courts and choosing the right judge to preside over them. We hope the information below will help explain the role probate judge’s play and why they matter to all of us.

Probate court affects almost every American at some point in our lives. These courts and the judges who preside over them typically have jurisdiction in the following areas:

  • Determine the validity of wills
  • Enforce the provisions of wills
  • Rule on disputes regarding wills
  • Review debt and outstanding claims for the deceased’s estate
  • Decide on disposal of assets for those who die without a will
  • Make decisions regarding guardianship of minors and incapacitated adults

These are sensitive matters that require not only knowledge of the law, but also compassion, experience, and professionalism. Being a good listener who is able to provide insight in emotionally charged, complex situations and treating those before you with respect are also excellent qualities for a Texas probate judge.

When considering who you’ll cast your vote for this Election Day, here are some questions that may help while evaluating the candidates:

  • What experience does the candidate have that qualifies him or her to head the county probate court?
  • What does the candidate consider to be the primary responsibility for a probate judge?
  • What qualities or skills does the candidate possess that make him or her the best person for the job?
  • What goals does the candidate propose for improving the Texas probate process and what changes will he or she implement to achieve those goals?

If you need help with a probate matter anywhere in Texas, the Houston probate lawyer Keith Morris can help. Call (713) 636-5339 today to learn more and get experienced legal assistance.