What is the Difference Between a Dependent and an Independent Administration?

In a Texas probate proceeding, a court will supervise the distribution of assets and liabilities for a decedent’s estate. Depending on the type of Texas probate, the court will handle all affairs or will assign them to an estate administrator.

Dependent Administration – the court approves every sale and distribution of property and assets, as well as the payment of estate liabilities; every step of the process is micro-managed.

Independent Administration – the court assigns an administrator to oversee the daily affairs of a decedent’s estate. This individual has the power to make all estate-related decisions and reports back to the court.

As you can see, the different categories of Texas probate administration allow for varying degrees of freedom. No matter the situation, a Houston probate attorney is able to provide the heirs of the decedent with sound legal advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

In both a dependent and independent administration, there are certain arguments, testimony, evidence and applications that must be produced and completed in a precise manner. This vital information allows the court to make the right decisions for the decedent’s estate.

The Texas probate process has several important steps and deadlines that must be met. With the aid of a Houston probate attorney, you can sort through complicated legal matters in a simplified fashion. A Houston probate attorney is well versed in estate law matters and knows what to expect during the proceeding.

Using a legal professional can ensure that every requirement is satisfied in accordance with court rules and procedures so that heirs can receive their proper distribution. Without the intimate knowledge of the law that a Houston probate attorney possesses, many heirs find it difficult to move forward alone. It is important that a qualified individual for a Texas probate represent an estate.

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