Bastrop County Probate Attorney

How Will A Bastrop County Probate Attorney Help Me?

The time after a loved one’s death can be emotional and confusing.  The services of a Bastrop County probate attorney, while not required under the law, are nonetheless vital in wrapping up issues pertaining to the decedent’s finances and property.  How are assets distributed?  Who pays the decedent’s outstanding debts?  What if there is no will?  Under the Texas probate process, the assets and debts of a person who has died are placed into an estate, which is then overseen by a probate court.  When a will exists, the court ensures that assets are distributed according to the decedent’s wishes.  With no will, matters are more complicated.  Intestacy laws and arguments of a Bastrop County probate attorney will play a role in how the estate is divvied up. In either case, there are some necessary court appearances and required paperwork after a person has died — the process can be time consuming and difficult to understand if you are not experienced in this area of the law.

What Services Does A Probate Attorney in Bastrop County Offer?

Though a Bastrop County probate attorney may primarily deal with matters directly involving the probate process, their legal counsel also can include inheritance law, property rights, conservatorships, guardianships, legal transfer of property and more. Your lawyer can answer questions regarding the taxes associated with estate taxes, both federal and state, as well as what fees may be associated with the probate process.

In regards to the Texas probate process, a Bastrop County probate attorney will be able to perform the following functions on the behalf of beneficiaries:

  • File any and all paperwork necessary.
  • Ensure that the court is provided with the necessary proof of death.
  • Notify any creditors of the estate. And,
  • Inventory and appraise the assets of the estate.

Performing these tasks within the scope of Texas law requires specific knowledge of the legal process, which a Bastrop County probate attorney will have.

Sadly, the probate process is not always a peaceful resolution of the decedent’s estate. There are those who would attempt to take advantage of a loved one’s death. The Bastrop County probate attorneys of Ostrom Morris, PLLC, have a proven track record of successfully handling clients’ estates during the Texas probate process. Call 888-869-9015 today for more information on your Bastrop County probate issues.

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